Tim Florea

Tim Florea


Tim Florea, Managing Director

Tim started RSF Consulting with a focus on helping innovative companies succeed.

A Computer Systems background, coupled with 9 years at a ‘Big-Four’ firm as a specialist in R&D Incentive and Grants, provided Tim with unparalleled experience.

Tim sought to take the best from the ‘Big Four‘, and as a boutique provide unmatched quality of service to clients.

To date RSF Consulting works with close to 100 clients nationwide, helping some of the most innovative and high growth companies in Australia.

In his spare time, Tim loves keeping fit, good food, and spending time with his family.

Career Highlights

Over 12 years specialist experience in the R&D Tax space

Part of the AusIndustry/ATO program reference group

Successfully defended over 55 regulator reviews or audits, one of which was the largest ever conducted

Completed close to 1,000 R&D Tax claims

9 years with a Big-Four firm

International experience having been seconded in Asia (Singapore and Vietnam)